Rave Rover


     Holy cow what an amazing Dragon*Con this year! We managed to party it up at the raves all night Friday and all night Sunday! Maybe you saw us there!? Got pics or video, share it with us on the official Rave Rover Facebook Page! Check out some of the pics WE got:

     Rave Rover will be at Dragon*Con this year hitting up all the rave parties and anything after dark. Catch us in the Mariotte Hotel Atrium, you'll see us rolling around!


     Rave Rover's first event was Dragon*Con 2010. I was only able to bring Rave Rover out one night, Saturday night, to DJ Nemesis' rave party in the Marriott. Before I could even make it to the ballroom for the rave, our group stopped and there were tons and tons of pictures and girls getting on to take a spin on the dance pole as well as get their picture taken.

     Some pictures are in the build gallery for 2010. If anyone has pictures and would like to share, please contact me!